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The 3P's Workshop:
Finally End Procrastination,
Perfectionism and People-Pleasing

Learn how to free yourself from these thieves of success, to recognize and overcome your subconscious blocks and achieve your wealth, health and happiness goals with ease.

What Can You Expect?

Hi, it’s Liz here.

I’m excited to share with you this new workshop, which has grown from over 10 years of experience of coaching people who are striving to create something better – to create change in their life, increase their wealth, bring a message to the world or build something for the future.

I have seen many of these talented, motivated, knowledgeable people fall victim to the 3P’s – Procrastination, Perfectionism or People-Pleasing.

I have seen them flounder, put things off, avoid the things they know they really need to do, or…work so hard they get burnt out or overwhelmed, doing a whole lot of stuff for other people that doesn’t contribute to their dream.

This workshop is based on both established and new research in neuroscience, neurochemistry and psychology. It is designed to help you recognize your own limitations and thought patterns, and give you practical ways to physically change your brain structure and biochemistry so you can break and redesign the habits, reactions and thought processes that hold you back.

This is a super-practical workshop that will show you how to recognize when you are sabotaging yourself and exactly what to do about it.

You will experience immediate shifts in your thinking and actions, and move yourself towards more feelings of happiness, contentment, fulfilment and peace.

Imagine being able to get to the end of the day feeling “I have done enough” and walk away feeling content and calm.

I’d love you to join me for this potentially life-changing day – to learn, to grow and to enjoy the journey!

I really enjoyed the relaxed, friendly & supportive energy of the workshop – with lots of insights I can put into practice. Liz always has such simple formulas that are easy to slot into your life. Little changes that will have a big impact on happiness, self-worth, and productivity.


What a fantastic session. A workshop that should be experienced each year by everyone who is in business or has a career where they want to be the best they can be while feeling a sense of personal value and fulfilment. Today’s sessions provided me with such a different perspective on how we identify success and our self-worth and challenges the way we approach and balance business and life. Thank you Liz for a powerful yet joyful day.


Liz is a fabulous facilitator and brings her special joie de vivre to make learning fun, interesting and enables participants to connect with each other easily and gives us tools to work with immediately. I highly recommend doing this course.


How Does It Work?

This is a digital event, so you will join us online using your laptop, tablet or computer. You will need to have a working microphone and camera to attend and participate

We start by relaxing into the day and getting to know each other - this is our safe space and we all commit to creating a supportive and fun environment

You'll learn how your brain works, how to recognize your blocks, and experience some of the newest techniques to achieve your goals in less time, with less stress and with way more enjoyment along the way!

You will be able to get to the end of the day feeling proud of what you've achieved... and can say “I have done enough”, knowing you are on path to your goals.

Event Details

19th February 2022
9:00am - 5:30pm AEST

18th February 2022
3:00pm - 11:30pm Pacific

Hosted on Zoom – the link will be sent to you after booking. You will need a working camera and microphone to attend and participate.

It is a full day (9am-5pm) online workshop for $97 per person, but as a Champions Gold member it is included in your course program, so there is no payment needed for you or your program partner to register – you’ll just need a microphone and camera to be able to participate fully.

$97 per person


Call: 07 3041 4187